Welcome to the official Nangabe website!

On June 24, 2006, a beautiful blonde [Nancy] from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, married a dashing dude [Gabe] from San Francisco, California!

Over 100 close friends and family from all over the US of A attended this spectacular outdoor wedding held in the Cutting Garden of the Clermont State Historic Site in Clermont, New York.

We are still very much in love and enjoying our new life together as husband and wife. We’ve certainly enjoyed reliving that special day, as well as each and every day of our honeymoon criss-crossing the country visiting various family, friends, baseball stadiums, and Road Food!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make that day so special to us! We miss you all and wish we could hold an anniversary with each of you every year! Wouldn’t that be fun?

A big THANK YOU to Sandy and Sean, who continue to store the tub and are keeping the nangabe website up and running. Notice the married counting up clock? I love it! It used to be a countdown to the wedding day, now it keeps things in a de-lovely perspective!

S&S have also helped us edit and upload the 1000+ pictures by the official photographer, Brandon, up on our website. You can view his photos, as well as everyone else’s, if you click on the photo gallery link. If anyone else has any photos they would like to share, contact Sean, and he will let you know how easy it is.

Remember that crazy 8×10 camera that David Brommer used to take our group shot after the ceremony? A panoramic crop is at the top of this page.

Finally, don’t be afraid to blog! Everyone has a story to tell from that weekend! I’ve been amazed hearing so many different stories and adventures had by all!

Nancy & Gabriel