Ceremony & Reception

Almost in the same breath as saying “Yes”, I looked at Gabe and said, “But where?” He replied with certainty, “Fenway Park – you, me and 35,000 of our closest friends.” After finding out this would be a certain strike-out with his very new fiance, he piped in, “What about Clermont?”

The wedding was back on!

Clermont is the perfect setting for us! We have picnicked there, celebrated birthdays, and of course, used it as the backdrop for many a photo shoot.

The Clermont State Historic Site encompasses 500 acres of the historic Livingston family estate. The manor house, outbuildings, grounds and gardens are preserved to their circa 1930 appearance, when Clermont was the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Livingston and family. You can read more about the Clermont State Historic Site here on their website.

We do not have all 500 acres of Clermont at our disposal, however, we have secured two of the most beautiful locations to celebrate our love. The Ceremony will take place in the lovely Cutting Garden with the Reception to follow on the North Lawn overlooking the Hudson River.

With the first days of summer upon us, the ceremony will be very personal with a Midsummer’s Eve theme. The holiday is considered the turning point at which summer reaches its height and the sun shines longest. Midsummer Night was long considered a magical night, as it was the best time for discovering people’s true loves. Also that night, it was said, water was turned into wine and ferns into flowers.