Wedding Party

Sandy BartlettSandy Bartlett – Maid of Honor

You my nearest & dearest, oldest & best friend! I cannot put into words how much you mean and have meant to me for 37 years. Lucky me, to get a sister & best friend. Who else would trust me implicitly to move 3,000 miles across the country for a new life in SF or have as much fun sharing food memories as we did it?! I love that we have the freakish fantastic memories (our own ESP) that terrifies & astounds our friends – thanks for sharing so many of them with me! Nothing is real or as important until I share it with you!

Adam OberweiserAdam Oberweiser – Best Man

As a young boy growing up I had always wanted a brother. It wasn’t until my Pops remarried that I got one and an older brother at that! Early years of dodgeball (ouch!), stickball (hey watch it!), comic books, girls (whoa!), preppies and music bonded us together. I am very honored to have you, Adam, at my side as my best man, now and forever.

Lorna SantiagoLorna Santiago – Bridesmaid

“We’ve come a long way, baby. . .” – shared it all – from being Red House Girls, to 3 hour Cleveland/Pittsburgh road trips, hours of long-distance calls, to now meeting at the corner of 4th and Court… So much laughter, tears, and many beers – you have always been there for me – like “the moon and the stars who have been friends forever and have giggled all through the night…”

Jonny LaneJonny Lane – Groomsman

We were destined to be trouble. All our friends knew each other yet we had never met. And when we did – no blood was spilt, and no one could separate us for the years that followed. We became green room gossip: movie making, roof dwelling, island hopping, oyster shucking, picture taking fools! I am also proud to admit that I might have hiked with you the least of all your friends yet my trail gifts are legendary.

Vesna NovakovicVesna Novakovic – Bridesmaid

If it hadn’t been for you.. I never would have found, or left my heart in San Francisco. What was the “Probability” of a really boring math class, a boy-filled Jazz class & a crazy filled dorm, bringing you & me together for 18 years of friendship? So, I followed you to SF and you followed me to NYC – We are lucky to have shared so much fun in the 2 greatest cities!

Angus SanfordAngus Sanford- Groomsman

The man who showed me how to be a soul brother. As one of my first friends I met in college, you saw my passion and showed me how to focus it. Simple things like jazz, handshakes, burritos, pies, and loooong discussions became things I have always looked forward to sharing with you in whichever state we may adventure!

KTKimberly Trask – Bridesmaid

Who else can have as much fun letting imaginations & stories run rampant (thanks for adopting Gabe & feeding him frozen Zombies), watching crazy reality television & baseball, and traveling the world to commune with Ari Onassis? Who, I ask? You and Me (up in the Trees)!

Sean ThompsonSean Thompson – Groomsman

I’ve had a lot of friends, Sean, but none could match your skateboarding skills! A fellow artist in arms it is so cool that most of our experiences have to do with creating and completing, which is totally unorthodox for artists! From burningman to photoshoots and gallery shows, my second brother we have written the book on good times! Now if we can only shake those Bartlett Sisters!

Amy ArmourAmy Armour – Bridesmaid

I call you my cousin, Amy, because anyone who has known & cared for each other all of their lives truly is family. Remember looking through Bride’s magazines at our sleep-overs, ski trips at Hidden Valley, the 9 magazine trick, and always sharing the inner-tube down the creek. Even though we will always be at the Kid’s Table, I am so happy we are “growing up” as friends.

Michael KellenbachMichael Kellenbach – Groomsman

The Bopper! I truly think they modeled the movie Office Space after us. I won’t go into the details on the web because, well, I don’t want you to lose your job! Oh man, did we pile down some burritos and bike rides in our day. Michael, your friendship and all of our good times made it really difficult for me to leave SF, but I had a girl to capture. Oh, Sean, if you’re looking for the painting you did of Nancy and I, check Mike and Erica’s house.