The Proposal

PRO*POS*AL – I had been thinking about this word for years. I had asked for Mr. Bartlett’s blessing six months ago, he gave it willingly (phew). I had purchased the ring 5 months ago, they gave it to me with the appropriate cash transaction. I had spoken to my boys, gotten their advice and was now playing the waiting game for the perfect time to propose.

I was pretty sure Nancy would say yes but I didn’t want to cheat our love with an easy proposal. It had to be perfect – the stuff that dreams are made of.

Then I had it!
2004 had been a crazy year for us – we just moved to our favorite neighborhood, Nancy’s two best friends quickly joined us, and we as always were taking lots of pics. However most of them were digital and I remember Nancy saying that she loved the digi pics but missed seeing and holding the photos.

There it was!
I made Nancy an album of our year with the last picture being an image of me holding out the ring to her. When she looked up from that page (after a long scream) she saw me holding out the ring.
And guess what…

the proposal
the ring