July 26, 2006

Further adventures of the baseball lovers

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No worries, your wait is over, Gabe has just added a few more ballparks and eateries to the honeymoon site, so check it out HERE. More to follow and we’ll keep you updated.

July 13, 2006

The Honeymoon…. so far!

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Hey guys the honeymooners are ready to share their exploits! Click HERE to see our adventures and watch the slideshows on all the photo pages! Catch you soon!

June 26, 2006

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, this goes out to everyone involved in the adventure of nangabe.

I can’t even think where to begin with all of the thank you’s for this magical wedding. Well yes I can; for all who sent good thoughts, prayers, rental of souls to the devil, and or knowledge of different weather channels for one of the most glorious afternoon/evening/night’s that could have only have been dreamed of for a midsummer night’s eve. (not very grammatically put but I’m still lacking a bit of sleep so bear with me)

As many of us said, this wedding reflected the bride and groom more than most weddings do. In my opinion this is because everyone helped out in any and all ways possible. People donated: vehicles for transport, arms and backs for lifting, oh let’s say, heavy bathtubs, flowers for the cake, photographic experience, glorious singing talents, dj expertise, design and sewing stitch-witchery, organizational talents, and a willingness to pitch in and do/and or lend whatever was necessary.

Nancy worried that she was putting everyone to work when they would rather just be wandering the grounds. What she forgot in her moment of meltdown, was that this is what we all love, to be part of something, to be able to give of ourselves for those whom we love and cherish. Gabe and Nancy enrich all of our lives by their talents but mainly by their giving natures. As Adam and Judy said in their toasts, Gabe always sees the best in everything and everyone and so everyone is immediately a best friend for Gabe. Nancy’s joy comes from making everyone around her feel like they are the most cherished person in the world.

So, by allowing us, to give with them on this very blessed day we all are responsible for creating a midsummer night’s dream come true, to quote the Honorable Art Brennan.

Thank you to the Nancy Bartlett and Gabriel Biderman family that was created on June 24th 2006 at 4:30, oh let’s make that 6pm when the sun came out in all it’s glory and truly blessed this marriage!

On a more visual note please stay tuned for photos from the wedding. Photographs are starting to be organized and transferred so we can all relive the joy from the comfort of our own computer nooks.

We also have the baseball tour honeymoon portion of this celebration to look forward to so keeping checking back.

With all my love and thanks,


June 8, 2006

Oh my gosh!!!

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Does everyone realize that in just two weeks (that’s right folks, 14 days), the bachelor party will be but a memory – granted with the gentlemen involved, a very vivid and probably well photographed memory – the bride and groom will have left Brooklyn for the last time as single folk, and everyone else will have their rooms booked and their directions gathered.

Who would have thunk when I wrote the first blog about “the bride’s first freak out” that we would look back and laugh at our naivete’. Wow, you really think that yours will be the group that is really organized, that there will be no details left until the last minute and that aside from a few silly mishaps it will be smooth sailing! No, as sister of the bride, I can say unequivocally that is not the case. There are too many decisions, involving too many people and way too many variables for things to run smoothly. That being said, a lot gets learned and you find out who really comes through for you, whether it’s a friend from way back who helps out without being asked, or a baker who doesn’t mind when the bride changes her mind halfway through the consultation, or your spouse-to-be who while driving you crazy, let’s you know that you wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else in the world.

So thanks for continuing to be a part of the saga of nangabe, you are all responsible in your own way for making Nancy the lovely woman that she is, for making Gabriel the coolest cat around, and for helping the two of them become nangabe – the couple we all love and cherish and who we will celebrate in just 15 days 17 hours and 17 minutes – ahhhh!

May 15, 2006

The Skytop it is!

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There may be many questions plaguing the minds of our intrepid bride and groom, but that of where to hold the Sunday brunch has been resolved! The decision to change the location was made by the bride-to-be, and Gabe stepped right up and made an executive call to the Skytop Steakhouse and Brewery. Those folks staying on the Kingston side of the river will become quite familiar with the large letters overlooking the Throughway exit. The Skytop is a place out of time (which time we’re not exactly sure). We can vouch for the lounge as a great place to enjoy an evening’s repast – microbrewery and great steaks. Sandy recommends the Iron Mits Irish Stout, Sean and Gabe give high marks to the Highland Diesel Scotch Ale, and Nancy is never afraid to order a Winkle.

For those folks who don’t have to rush to head out of the Hudson Valley, the bride and groom would love to have people join them for brunch on Sunday morning. A full brunch is offered: carving station, omelet station, pastries, salad bar, etc. and a complimentary mimosa or bloody mary. $20.00 per person will cover brunch, tax, and tip and will be a great time to get to mingle with old friends and new. If you plan to attend, please give your money to Brooks or Helen Bartlett (parents of the Bride)
Hope that you will be able to attend.

May 6, 2006

Shower/Bachelor Party

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You all will be quite pleased to know that Nancy is getting the wedding plans all firmed up – cake and flowers are on this week’s agenda. Gabe is busily coordinating the bachelor party with the help of his trusty groomsmen and others of the male persuasion – yes, the phone calls that no woman may witness are taking place, plans are secretly being made, and debauchery is in the air.

On a more genteel note, Aunt Bonnie, Nancy’s godmother, gave a most delightful shower for Nancy in Pittsburgh on April 22nd. Everything was absolutely picture perfect (though Franklin may disagree after spending several hours standing in the rain and graciously parking the cars of all of the guests). Guests were greeted to a home straight out of Martha Stewart, with the scents of spring flowers vying with the delicious smells coming out of the kitchen. The guests were friends who have known Nancy literally from the day she was born so it was a day full of joy and reminiscences.
[Click HERE to check out the shower pics]

April 10, 2006

2 months and 14 da(z)e

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Welcome to all of our new viewers! This is where you find out not only where to stay and what to do (while not enjoying the celebration of all time), you find out whether the bride and groom are remaining calm or driving their friends and family to distraction with their “worries”.

As of yesterday: bride concerns: food, weather, dresses, food, and weather ( I think we have food and dresses under control, weather will take a bit of extra work), groom concerns: bachelor party and whether he arrives at the ceremony in the Corvair!

(I’m saving Stella for you, Nancy!)


March 19, 2006

Now it’s serious . . .

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and no, by that I don’t mean that Gabe and Nan have fewer than 97 days to get everything together; or that something is seriously wrong (like the bride-to-be leaving the wedding rings at the Slipper Room, burlesque will distract a person) and oh my, will there be a wedding. (there will be and we’ve already been able to laugh at the $50 cab ride back to the city!)
No I mean that the website is full of content! (Thanks to Gabe donating birthday hours to the site production) Bridesmaid Lorna was called into action to help with the remembrances of exactly how that proposal came about and “where are we going on our honeymoon”. Just kidding about that last part gabenan and MLB, a match made in baseball heaven.

Hope that everyone enjoys the site, learns some details about the wedding, about the area, and maybe even something new about the bride and groom.

Just another reminder to reserve your rooms soon under the Bartlett/Biderman party name.

Happy Spring! (only one more season ’til the wedding)

February 28, 2006

Less than 4 months, folks

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So Sean & I were happily visiting with Nancy this weekend, when she hit us with the realization that in exactly 4 months we would be joyously celebrating at Clermont. Needless to say, the looks on our faces did not scream joyous. As the day grows ever closer for Gabe and Nancy, the amount of work appears to grow and grow quickly. On the plus side, I was fitted for my bridesmaid dress and the initial sketch for the bride’s gown was completed – so the ladies will be wearing clothes for the shindig. Nancy & I also checked out a new floral shop in Brooklyn which just happens to get their lovely posies from right here in Rhinebeck. Oh yes, and we were “forced” to taste test some of the potential savory fare for the banquet.

Life moves on, the pace only seems to be increasing, and we will all be celebrating soon.

Don’t forget to start booking rooms and signing the guest book.

Happy Mardi Gras

February 5, 2006

The Groom reports in!

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Nangabe are spending the first weekend in February Upstate working on the Wedding Logistics with Sandy & Sean! Big Big Shout out to Sandy and Sean for making the calls to book the hotels you see listed in our ‘Out-Of-Towners’ section. The website was worked upon bigtime as well…we are fast approaching the alpha version! Look for updates in the bride and groom and wedding party sections.
We drove around visiting all the locations and have this to report back:

Beekman Arms and Delamater Inn – This place claims to be the oldest Inn around these parts..it has a pretty old and swanky bar and restaurant on the premise with Anchor Liberty on tap so that gets my approval. The rooms are pretty nice and come with a welcome decanter of sherry in each room. The rooms are a little on the pricey side but I might have to stay here. Super centrally located right in the villiage of Rhinebeck.

Red Hook Inn – Quaint and cozy. The 2nd level hosts all the rooms with overstuffed beds and blankets. Downstairs is a bar and roomy restaurant that we are planning on having a Sunday Brunch after the wedding.

Village Inn Rhinebeck – A Surprising one story motel that has the same layout as the Bates Motel, however much much more charm. Economically priced and very close to the center of Rhinebeck.

Skytop Motel – Across the river high on the hill lies the Skytop Motel. Definitely a bit on the cheezy side or ‘character’ if you like! The outdoor pool looks fun but their restaurant/brewery feels like a chalet overlooking the Catskills, and the beer looks frothy.

Quality Inn and Suites – What more can you ask for? Looks clean and dependable with an indoor pool.