February 1, 2006

so now it’s really official!

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Saturday afternoon Nancy and Gabe made the announcements really official, they have purchased their wedding rings and an engagement ring that fits Nancy’s finger!!!! . . . no more worries about Nancy losing it when she washes the dishes (oh, is that actually a worry?)

Gabe and Nancy have also been working on some of the written content for this site, much to Sean’s pleasure. So please keep checking the site for info, updates, and new photos of some of the players.

Hope people are remembering to sign the Guest Book and to start thinking about lodging for the weekend of June 23rd. (remember to mention that you are interested in rooms for the Bartlett/Biderman wedding if it is an inn or hotel with blocked rooms)

Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 21, 2006

154 days and 57 minutes

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All seems to be calm on the wedding planning front. Gabe and Nancy have been in contact with their bloggers and are busily writing up their bios and searching for images to add to the site.

Since last Saturday, dress fabric for the bridesmaids has been purchased, potential shoes have been sighted, and yes, the bride to be is breathing again. Though, I do stand by my first blog title, despite other well meaning bridesmaids’ opinions.

Perhaps most importantly to the guests, 80 rooms in the area have been set aside in the name of the Bartlett/Biderman (or Biderman/Bartlett) wedding. This is a very popular destination location so please be aware that small B&B’s will fill up quickly.

Thanks to all guest book signees and to all who are getting into the interactive aspect of the site with the blog comments.

Off to start on the catering details!

January 14, 2006

Nancy’s first freak-out

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Yes, I know it is only January 14th (161 days, 3 hours, and 32 minutes until the ceremony) but Nancy has officially started to freak out. An unfinished hotel is already completely booked with guests coming to a local horse show and now Nancy is worried that all guests will be camping on our postage stamp sized yard. Ahh brides!

On a positive note the tablecloth fabric has been procured and the bride, Vesna (sewing all dresses, including the bride’s), and Lorna are shopping for dress fabric and shoes today. Obviously the wedding website is coming along swimmingly (thanks, Sean) and will be more informative once Nancy and Gabe are able to come up north for a visit.

So there will be more info to follow and if you see or talk to Nan let her know that it will all work out perfectly, just like in a fairy tale.

January 1, 2006

Welcome to Nangabe!

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nangabe – is it a podcast, blog, or reality show? Well, it is a website that features it all! Nangabe is a story of how a girl, Nancy, met a boy, Gabriel, and how they fell in love and…

Why isn’t the website called gabenan ?? (which makes perfect sense to Gabe)

nangabe is the place to find the latest news regarding Gabriel & Nancy’s wedding! This site is meant to be interactive and for all of us to share and make this the best website and wedding ever! So be sure to check back frequently!

Many thanks to S&S (Sean & Sandy) for creating this site and for being our bestest friends.

Now go sign our guestbook, check out the blog, book a room and let’s get this party started!

Nancy & Gabriel