March 19, 2006

Now it’s serious . . .

Category: Blog — NanGabe @ 11:33 pm

and no, by that I don’t mean that Gabe and Nan have fewer than 97 days to get everything together; or that something is seriously wrong (like the bride-to-be leaving the wedding rings at the Slipper Room, burlesque will distract a person) and oh my, will there be a wedding. (there will be and we’ve already been able to laugh at the $50 cab ride back to the city!)
No I mean that the website is full of content! (Thanks to Gabe donating birthday hours to the site production) Bridesmaid Lorna was called into action to help with the remembrances of exactly how that proposal came about and “where are we going on our honeymoon”. Just kidding about that last part gabenan and MLB, a match made in baseball heaven.

Hope that everyone enjoys the site, learns some details about the wedding, about the area, and maybe even something new about the bride and groom.

Just another reminder to reserve your rooms soon under the Bartlett/Biderman party name.

Happy Spring! (only one more season ’til the wedding)

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