February 28, 2006

Less than 4 months, folks

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So Sean & I were happily visiting with Nancy this weekend, when she hit us with the realization that in exactly 4 months we would be joyously celebrating at Clermont. Needless to say, the looks on our faces did not scream joyous. As the day grows ever closer for Gabe and Nancy, the amount of work appears to grow and grow quickly. On the plus side, I was fitted for my bridesmaid dress and the initial sketch for the bride’s gown was completed – so the ladies will be wearing clothes for the shindig. Nancy & I also checked out a new floral shop in Brooklyn which just happens to get their lovely posies from right here in Rhinebeck. Oh yes, and we were “forced” to taste test some of the potential savory fare for the banquet.

Life moves on, the pace only seems to be increasing, and we will all be celebrating soon.

Don’t forget to start booking rooms and signing the guest book.

Happy Mardi Gras

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