June 26, 2006

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, this goes out to everyone involved in the adventure of nangabe.

I can’t even think where to begin with all of the thank you’s for this magical wedding. Well yes I can; for all who sent good thoughts, prayers, rental of souls to the devil, and or knowledge of different weather channels for one of the most glorious afternoon/evening/night’s that could have only have been dreamed of for a midsummer night’s eve. (not very grammatically put but I’m still lacking a bit of sleep so bear with me)

As many of us said, this wedding reflected the bride and groom more than most weddings do. In my opinion this is because everyone helped out in any and all ways possible. People donated: vehicles for transport, arms and backs for lifting, oh let’s say, heavy bathtubs, flowers for the cake, photographic experience, glorious singing talents, dj expertise, design and sewing stitch-witchery, organizational talents, and a willingness to pitch in and do/and or lend whatever was necessary.

Nancy worried that she was putting everyone to work when they would rather just be wandering the grounds. What she forgot in her moment of meltdown, was that this is what we all love, to be part of something, to be able to give of ourselves for those whom we love and cherish. Gabe and Nancy enrich all of our lives by their talents but mainly by their giving natures. As Adam and Judy said in their toasts, Gabe always sees the best in everything and everyone and so everyone is immediately a best friend for Gabe. Nancy’s joy comes from making everyone around her feel like they are the most cherished person in the world.

So, by allowing us, to give with them on this very blessed day we all are responsible for creating a midsummer night’s dream come true, to quote the Honorable Art Brennan.

Thank you to the Nancy Bartlett and Gabriel Biderman family that was created on June 24th 2006 at 4:30, oh let’s make that 6pm when the sun came out in all it’s glory and truly blessed this marriage!

On a more visual note please stay tuned for photos from the wedding. Photographs are starting to be organized and transferred so we can all relive the joy from the comfort of our own computer nooks.

We also have the baseball tour honeymoon portion of this celebration to look forward to so keeping checking back.

With all my love and thanks,



  1. The best wedding I’ve ever been to. THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Grace Gunning — June 27, 2006 @ 6:58 am

  2. It was truly a magical event. Can’t wait to see the pics and hear all about the baseball honeymoon extravaganza. I’m so jealous. Why didn’t they take all of us with them?

    Comment by kathy — June 29, 2006 @ 10:19 am

  3. damn you for making me tear up at 9:30 am at my work desk.

    so eloquently put, sandy, even without enough sleep. grammar, schmammer. over rated if you ask me (and my 10th grade English teacher). love the time change for the start of the ceremony! better late than never and as they say, aren’t the best things worth waiting for?

    was such a wonderful pleasure to meet friends that gabe and nancy cherish that i had heard so many wonderful (and very funny) stories about. great to put faces with names and said stories.

    the best people attract the best people into their lives and there isn’t a more obvious, perfect example of this than with nancy and gabe.

    thank you for the thank you and thank you for letting me be a (neurotic & crazy & a little behind the proverbial 8 ball!) part of such a beautiful day. will cherish it always and forever….

    all my love to all.

    and to nancy and gabe, pls bring back some cracker jacks for me……ves

    Comment by Ves — June 27, 2006 @ 8:36 am

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