June 8, 2006

Oh my gosh!!!

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Does everyone realize that in just two weeks (that’s right folks, 14 days), the bachelor party will be but a memory – granted with the gentlemen involved, a very vivid and probably well photographed memory – the bride and groom will have left Brooklyn for the last time as single folk, and everyone else will have their rooms booked and their directions gathered.

Who would have thunk when I wrote the first blog about “the bride’s first freak out” that we would look back and laugh at our naivete’. Wow, you really think that yours will be the group that is really organized, that there will be no details left until the last minute and that aside from a few silly mishaps it will be smooth sailing! No, as sister of the bride, I can say unequivocally that is not the case. There are too many decisions, involving too many people and way too many variables for things to run smoothly. That being said, a lot gets learned and you find out who really comes through for you, whether it’s a friend from way back who helps out without being asked, or a baker who doesn’t mind when the bride changes her mind halfway through the consultation, or your spouse-to-be who while driving you crazy, let’s you know that you wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else in the world.

So thanks for continuing to be a part of the saga of nangabe, you are all responsible in your own way for making Nancy the lovely woman that she is, for making Gabriel the coolest cat around, and for helping the two of them become nangabe – the couple we all love and cherish and who we will celebrate in just 15 days 17 hours and 17 minutes – ahhhh!

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